V56.03 universal LCD mainboard

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V56.03 universal LCD mainboard

Post by sachin03323 »

I was earlier using V59.031 universal LCD mainboard and there was no problem in it during firwmware writing into the usb drive. In standby the red LED used to blink and then change to blue which indicated that firmware is written.
But upon using v56 mainboard i could not write firmware into it. In standby there is no red LED blinking. Only blue LED is showing instead of red LED.But this blue LED is stilll not blinking.
Is there something wrong with the v56 universal LCD mainboard. Why cant i see the red LED in standby??
Why am i seeing only Blue LED on standby.
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Re: V56.03 universal LCD mainboard

Post by vijaysurat »

reprogram flash using programmer.
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